Spirit of Math Drills
Take the fear out of math in just 5-minutes a day!

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Spirit of Math Drills
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Spirit of Math drills have been used by thousands of students in classrooms over 25 years to improve their speed and fluency in number facts in a fun, fast-paced race against the clock. Now students everywhere, from 5 years old to 99 years young, can use this app to develop the confidence in arithmetic and the ease in fundamental numeracy that will allow them to excel in all areas of math and keep the mind sharp.

A complete drill system for grades 1 - 9 can cost hundreds of dollars, but for just $3.99, you can get the whole package with the Spirit of Math Drills App for iPad.


  • Unlimited number of drills
  • 5 Drill types: Short addition, integer addition, short multiplication, integer multiplication, short division
  • Up to 6 difficulty levels for each drill type
  • Multi user capability
  • Progress Graphs visibly track results so that the user can see them selves improve and work toward a desired goal.
  • Multiple keypad interfaces to suit your style

"Students are able to computer faster and aren't using [their] fingers."
~S. Fox, Grade 2 teacher, Toronto

"[The drills] get them started in the morning - like a jump start to thinking!"
~ S. Smith, Grade 4/5 teacher, Toronto



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