The Instrumental Alphabet
"The Instrumental Alphabet" is a finger-snapping, toe-tapping introduction to A, B, C's.

Developed by ZebraMinds -

The Instrumental Alphabet
As they groove to the backbeat of some jazzy tunes, all musical friends from A to Z will take readers on a romping-stomping journey, and make an introduction to some of their heroes along the way. E like Ella, J like Jimmy and John – let's play and find out more about them.

The rhythmic story is written by published author Vivien Kooper, designed and illustrated by Greg Carr and narrated by international music artist Chris Daniels. Beautiful and entertaining art, music, narration and interactivity.

Product Features:

  • Finger-snapping, toe-tapping introduction to the A,B,C's.
  • Interaction with each letter, playing with musical notes and a wide array of different sounds.
  • Enjoyable exposure to the letters, engaging music and beautiful illustrations.
  • Children can move the musical notes easily or simply let the notes float freely following the device movement

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